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Cubase 5 Trial Now Available

Steinberg is pleased to offer you a trial version of Cubase 5. Cubase 5 Trial may be used for a period of 30 days and comes with the same functionality that the full version has to offer, including all instruments, effects and sounds.

Download the trial version from the Steinberg website or go to your local dealer to pick up a copy on DVD. Now you have the chance to try out the wealth of innovative and enhanced features that make Cubase one of the leading music production systems today.

Please note that this software needs to be activated online and requires a USB-eLicenser or Steinberg Key, which is included with previous versions of Cubase or, alternatively, may be purchased separately. When requesting an activation code for Cubase 5 Trial you also receive a voucher that covers the price of a USB-eLicenser and which is to be used in the Steinberg Online Shop when purchasing a Cubase full version. The voucher is not valid for updates and upgrades because users of previous Cubase versions already possess a USB-eLicenser. This offer is only applicable to countries to which the Steinberg Online Shop ships.

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Comments Audio Distributor

#1 | By Roy Govender

vs2480 delta 1010lt
protools mpowered 8
cubase 5
cakewalk sonar 8


#2 | By admin

Hi Roy

Yes, the choices out there are quite staggering!

Take you time & make an informed choice as it’s a long term investment, not only financially,
but in time and patience as you learn how to use your chosen system.  Ultimately, the best system for you is the one that you feel the most comfortable using & has the correct features for your intended use. 

e.g. You don’t need a full-blown hard disk workstation if you only ever intend to record your voice + guitar.  Conversely, a 2-channel audio interface might not be the best solution if you need to record your band!!

Pop into one of the stores listed in the “where to buy” section listed above and demo a few systems on display.  Get some good advise on sound card selection for your particular requirements & then try out a few demo versions, like the Cubase one offered here!

Give us a ring on 011 792 8402 if you’d like to discuss further ;-)


#3 | By vitalice

What is the benefit of making so much fuss about this stuff if its only meant for certain countries!! I have tried several time to download cubase 5 trial but the story of e-licence has made me hate the whole idea. Am pissed right now!! nkt!


#4 | By admin

No need to download - just pick up the latest copy of BPM Magazine :)


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