New monitors from Presonus available in SA.

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New monitors from Presonus available in SA.

New Presonus MTM Monitors

New from Presonus, the Eris E44 and E66 offer consistent, accurate listening.
The ultra-wide stereo image afforded by their MTM design, makes them an ideal solution for any one who requires precise spatial resolution.

The E44 and E66 feature an MTM designin which the high-frequency driver is positioned between two midrange drivers.

Each midrange driver covers the same frequency range, combining to create to create a larger effective woofer increasing the dynamic response and the bass extension, without sacrificing the transient response.

By reducing the space between the two woofers, the nested MTM design of the E44 and E66 minimizes acoustic lobing errors found in some conventional 2-way designs, improving off-axis response.

Globally, the listener is afforded a more dynamic and consistent listening experience and smoother response on- and off-axis.

Available now, please contact us for a stockist close to you.

Check our the details over at the Presonus website


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