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New RME Converters Shipping

The latest update to RME’s ADI-8 series - the ADI-8 DS Mk III - is an 8-channel high-end AD/DA converter with a truly unique feature set. The device combines excellent analog circuit design with the latest generation of outstanding low latency AD/DA converter chips. Along with its integrated SteadyClock, the ADI-8 DS Mk III offers not only AD and DA conversion of the highest quality, but also digital format conversion and distribution features for full digital connectivity.

New RME Converters

Like RME’s successful predecessors ADI-8 Pro and ADI-8 DS the ADI-8 DS Mk III provides outstanding specifications, and delivers professional quality and features for a fraction of the budget you usually would have to spend.

The ADI-8 DS Mk III comes as a standard 19” one rack unit device offering Intelligent Clock Control (ICC), SyncCheck, SteadyClock, AES/EBU and ADAT I/Os, four hardware reference levels up to +24 dBu and 192 kHz sample rate, word clock I/O and double 8-channel level metering. The DS Mk III incorporates lowest latency conversion with less than 12 samples delay, which turns digital monitoring into analog-style monitoring.

In addition to the high quality AD/DA link to the analog world the ADI-8 DS Mk III interfaces all digital studio equipment with ADAT or AES/EBU in- and outputs, being the perfect match for RME’s HDSPe AES and HDSP AES-32. It provides both cards with 8 analog I/Os in reference conversion quality at up to 192 kHz. Using multiple MK III the HDSPe RayDAT could be fitted with up to 32 analog I/Os via its 4 ADAT I/Os.

The new DS Mk III also includes a digital patchbay with free choice of source and destination setup. ADAT can be converted to AES, AES to ADAT, cross-converted at the same time, ADAT passed on to ADAT while monitored analog, and many more. The ADAT outputs also feature a copy mode for connection of two different ADAT devices. These powerful and easy to use modes add significant value to the already outstanding conversion quality.

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