Tuerk is now stocking Namba Gear

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Tuerk is now stocking Namba Gear

The Big Namba Studio Backpack was created by Namba’s design team of musicians and deejays to provide an optimum carrying solution for a laptop mobile studio or computer DJ requiring a large control surface and using up to a 17″ laptop computer.

Big Namba
Designed for security, the Big Namba backpack has many musician friendly details that separate it from the other solutions on the market. Extremely long lockable zippers and un-snappable hinges which allow easier packing, a cable management system that makes it easy to keep cables organized, special material that wicks moisture away from your back, and even a secret stash pocket (for your iLoks, etc.) are a few of the special features.

Big Namba Open

Controller Space Unhinges & Lays Flat - easy loading.

Fits Keyboard Controllers: Alesis PhotonX25, Behringer UMA25S, Behringer UMX25, Edirol PCR-M1, Emu Xboard25, M-Audio Oxygen8, M-Audio MidAir25, M-Audio KeyRig25, M-Audio Axiom25, Novation SL25, Novation ReMote LE x25 Fits DJ Controllers: Behringer BCD3000DJ, Feena, Kontrol KDJ500, M-Audio Xponent, Vestex VCI-100, Vestex VCI-300 Fits Alternative Controllers: Akai MPD16, M-Audio Trigger Finger, M-Audio XSession Pro, Korg PadKontrol

Check out this video to see how the bag is constructed.

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