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Apollo Twin is the first desktop interface to combine superior audio resolution with Real-time UAD Processing – letting you record through vintage EQs, compressors, reverbs, and guitar amp plug-ins, with breathtaking professional results.

  • Record and mix with stunning 24/192 kHz audio conversion
    Get the best dynamic range and clarity of any desktop interface. Digitally controlled analogue monitor outputs provide full resolution at all listening levels.
  • Mic preamp emulations, powered by Unison™ technology
    Explore the character and colour of classic mic preamp designs with breakthrough Unison mic preamp modelling.
  • Plug-in to a world of vintage tones

    Record your music in real time through a full range of UAD plug-ins from Neve, Studer, Roland, Lexicon, Ampex, API, Ocean Way, MXR and more.

  • High-speed Thunderbolt connection to your Mac
    Get blazing fast PCIe speed and rock-solid performance on the newest Macs.

Coming soon!......

More info available here: http://www.uaudio.com/interfaces/apollo-twin.html
(Please note Mac-only at this point)






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