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In the final instalment of Dubspot’s three-part video tutorial series Mr. Invisible’s Justin Aswell offers some practical live performance advice, tips and tricks for DJs, musicians and performers. This is an essential video tutorial if you’re looking to incorporate Maschine into your live setup.

Justin Aswell explains and demonstrates ways to avoid common pitfalls many electronic musicians face when they are playing live; from using a delay effect to maintain a consistent BPM to triggering multiple hits and samples on a single to help you become more efficient when playing live.

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#1 | By Bejoe

Hey, this is all very cool, but I’m tyring to track down the tsi file for Maschine and old fashioned Traktor Pro. The settings currently available are for Traktor Pro 2, and it’s going to be a while before I can afford to buy that. Is this file still available? I will be very happy if it is!cojobt


#2 | By admin

Hey Bejoe

Have a look at the last template on this link: - hopefully that will work for you, or at least be a good basis to mod.
There are some other (incomplete) templates if you search the official Traktor Forums, which may also be a good start.

Good luck


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