Justin Timberlake, NSYNC, Britney Spears…Troy Antunes records with sE Microphones

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Justin Timberlake, NSYNC, Britney Spears…Troy Antunes records with sE Microphones

Troy Antunes’ many talents – and we mean many – have seen him work with quite simply the biggest names in the business including Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, NSYNC, Backsteet Boys and Hip Hop legend DMX. Troy, aka FunkySilohuette, is a producer, musical director and vocal coach and has also appeared on countless TV shows: from David Letterman to judging on Louis Walsh’s You’re A Star!

With so much experience working with so many big names you’d expect him to know a thing or two about recording gear and, after setting up a new London studio, he has equipped it with just about every sE mic you can get.

“I set up the studio very much in the way I look at myself as a musician,” he says. “It’s very flexible and can cater to just about any style of music. We’ve worked on genres ranging from the very Pop of Simon Webb and Duncan James to the heavy Hip Hop of DMX to Rock and even Classical. Every piece of gear has to be able to accommodate the needs of any type of music.”

“We’re huge fans of the sE line of products,” he continues. “We’re using the Gemini for all of our lead vocals and the Isis for all of our background vocals. I also use the Gemini for all of my guitar needs as it has the warmest sound but can still be aggressive when used properly. I can get a beefy, edgy, distorted quality or a warm, clean guitar sound when needed.”

“We’ve also just added two RNR1s to our treasure chest. I was really interested to see what they were all about and the minute we used them as overheads on a drum session we did I was floored. They are, in a word, impressive! We also use an sE4 for hi-hat and bottom snare, and the sE 4400a stereo pair and T2 for toms or top snare.

“Recently while recording a Rock project I used a Gemini and Isis as ambient mics in our hallway outside the booth for the drums and the stereo mix I got was Hot! It brought crazy life to an already great drum sound.”

That’s a lot of sE mics doing a lot of work, but Troy is adamant that the quality shines through across the range and has ultimately helped his career…

“I was a bit sceptical at first,” he recalls, “but gave the Gemini and Isis a try and from the minute I recorded the first vocals I was hooked. I always pick gear that is both utilitarian and quality from the moment you plug it in. I hate turning knobs and adding crap in the chain. I love just plugging something in and it just sounding good from jump street. I know that, no matter what, my sE mics are going to sound great and in the end the production will benefit from that.”

“sE has actually helped me to evolve as a producer. Having good gear allows a producer to be imaginative while working on a project. I’m not hindered by any shortcomings of my mics ‘cause, to be honest, there are none.”

Troy is currently working with Rock artist Mairead and the Italian R&B star Vivianna.

Troy’s top recording tips…

“Always allow the artist or Musician to be themselves while recording. Remember you picked them to play it for a reason. Give them the part, guide them closer to the vibe you need, then sit back and watch them evolve it to something great.”

“Never be afraid to refer to past great production. Listen, there hasn’t been an original thought since man hit this planet so if you’re going after a vibe then don’t be afraid to check out the cats who may have inadvertently lead you to the style or vibe your going after.”

“Always use utilitarian and quality gear in your studio. Creativity and imagination in a production is never hindered by these two standards. These two standards leave you with no boundaries to worry about ‘cause you know your gear can do anything you need it to do.”


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#1 | By Dilson

  I use recroding as a writing tool, so I would say that I waste a lot of time getting the perfect sound in the recroding before the song is completely written, and thus end up with a lot of half-finished songs.


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