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RME offer innovative, user friendly, and high-quality digital audio solutions for less money.  These uncompromisingly reliable audio interfaces, with their stable drivers, offer outstanding performance on all major operating systems.

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Fireface UC

Based on a newly developed RME Hammerfall core, the RME Fireface UC provides revolutionary ultra-low latencies even with multiple audio channels and breaks performance restrictions of typical USB audio interfaces with sophisticated transfer technologies. It has been uncompromisingly optimized for highest performance under Windows and OSX with dedicated firmware versions for each platform.

With the Fireface UC, RME consistently set forth the path that was begun with the Fireface series. While the FireWire units (Fireface 400 and 800) still used a dedicated FireWire chip, the UC additionally integrates the entire USB protocol inside the FPGA and its programmable firmware, making the unit fully controllable and adjustable to new situations.

A field test with a wide variety of computer systems prior to delivery allowed for adjustments of the transfer protocol and adaptations to specific systems, ensuring the highest possible performance and compatibility. An overview of tested systems (both current and older varieties) and achievable performance can be found here.

Besides the uncompromising use of the USB High-Speed interface, the new Fireface UC provides a list of features unrivalled in its class. Once again, RME have defined the standard of innovative, future-proof mobile audio recording solutions.

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