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We’ll let the reviews speak for themselves...

Music Radar - Monitor of the Year, 2009
"The frequency accuracy, transient response, stereo imaging and construction/design are all incredible. This is a speaker that you can trust completely and won’t fatigue your ears even during mammoth listening sessions."

Ty Ford, Pro Audio Review 2009
"Very clear, very clean, good stereo image and curiosity as to how the Opals were capable of such a low end given the 7.1" driver. The Opals are not small, but their impressive low end certainly makes them sound bigger than they look. I was very struck by their transparency, how dimensional the sound field was and how live the instruments and voices sounded. Given what they offer, I think the Opals may be underpriced."

Product Spotlight

Event Opal Bi-Amplified Nearfield Monitor

Event Opals

Product Features

  • Variable Impedance Flared Ports (patent pending) that eliminate artifacts heard in rear reflection ports that rely on room acoustics
  • Internal engineering removes all port noise
  • Cabinet designed with complex radii to eliminate diffraction
  • EBT1 Tweeter with powerful neodymium motor
  • 8 inch EX8 Driver with 30Hz to 10kHz raw response
  • 750W Peak Power
  • Elliptical Rotating Waveguide

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