What’s New in Auto-Tune 7 ?

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What’s New in Auto-Tune 7 ?

Antares have just announced Auto-Tune 7 which introduces an extremely high quality (and incredibly easy to use) time manipulation system along with a host of new pitch correction features.

Autotune 7 man

“By far the most dramatic addition to Auto-Tune 7 is its entirely new time correction and manipulation system. Seamlessly integrated into the Graphical Mode interface, Auto-Tune 7’s time control capabilities allow you to quickly and easily edit the timing of your vocals right along with their pitch.

Auto-Tune 7 also features the second generation of Antares’ Evo™ Voice Processing Technology, offering even more natural pitch shifting and throat modeling, along with a host of time-saving workflow enhancements.”

More info on Antares Autotune 7 here

Autotune 7 Screenshot


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