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DirectEMX is a new VST plugin that makes it possible to use your Korg Electribe MX in your host.

With DirectEMX you can use your EMX like a Virtual instrument in Cubase, live, fl studio…

  • Save/Load your project without worrying about the state of the EMX, the plugin will ensure the sync.
  • Automate all the parameters to create new evolving sounds easily. Why not simulating an LFO on your filter cutoff for example?
  • Copy/paste parts or patterns
  • Use a clean interface that shows the “real” knob values. That includes the mix view and oscillator model shape, while keeping the same approach as the original hardware.
  • See the knobs movements in real time, for the host automation but also for the EMX internal motion sequences.
  • Edit and reverse-engineer patch more easily.

DirectEMX is available now on Windows for 25€. A demo version makes it possible to test all the features but with restrictions, it can be downloaded at

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