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Turntablism is the art of pushing a traditional DJ setup to the limit through a DJ’s extraordinary skills. In the videos below, one of the world’s greatest turntablists demonstrates what is possible when you throw cutting-edge TRAKTOR technology in to the mix.

Here DJ Rafik, 3 times world DMC champion, explores a new dimension of creativity by integrating TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO and the TRAKTOR KONTROL X1 and MASCHINE controllers in to the classic two turntables and a mixer setup. Rafik combines stunningly dexterous turntable skills with TRAKTOR’s multiple cue points and effects while maintaining the hands-on analog feel of turntablism’s roots. Continued in Part 2

Want to know how DJ Rafik put together his amazing “Block Rockin’ Beats” Traktor routine?
DJ TechTools has a detailed tutorial - Check it out!

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