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From start to finish and uploading the final mix to iTunes… Jon-John Robinson, K. Jackson, JAY-R, and Ian Boxill show you what can be done on iPad and Apogee ONE. Using Beatmaker 2 and Wave Machine Labs - Auria, Jon-John laid out an incredible track for K.Jackson and JAY-R to showcase their talent, using only ONE’s built in internal microphone. Ian Boxill then lent his magic to the track on the final mix and mastering… All done with the iPad and Apogee ONE!

After Ian Boxill finished mixing and mastering, Jon-John Robinson uploaded the finished track to iTunes where you can download the finished track “Turn me up” by K. Jackson featuring JAY-R.

After a One iOS?  Please drop us a line on 011 792 8402 for details on how to pick one up.

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