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When it came time to add music to the Apogee Duet 2 launch video, I asked Jingle Punks to write it. When initially talking to Jingle Punks, we discussed the idea of sending the track to us and recording live drums at Berkeley St. Studio. When they finished writing an amazing track, they sent it from the Jingle Punks studio in New York to the Berkeley St. studio in Santa Monica, so that live drums could be recorded using Duet 2.

The drummer I asked to play on the track is an excellent drummer out of Los Angeles named Brian Zarlenga, and the engineer was non other than Bob Clearmountain.

Both Brian and Bob were very excited to work on the song and be part of the Duet 2 launch. I then, however, mentioned to Bob that I really wanted the drums to be recorded with only Duet 2 and with only 2 microphones. No external mic pre amps, mixer, etc. Just two microphones into Duet 2, connected to a Mac Book Pro, and recorded into Logic. I thought for sure he would kick me out of his studio and would never allow me back in again. But, being the true pro that he is, he was up for it.

Here is a great behind the scenes video of Bob Clearmountain recording drums with Duet 2 and only two microphones.

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