PreSonus - Qmix in Action - Part I

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Rick Naqvi of PreSonus Audio takes you through setting up your network and connecting your computer, iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch to your StudioLive mixer, using the StudioLive Remote and QMIX apps.

Up to 10 musicians can simultaneously control their StudioLive™ monitor mixes using an iPhone® or iPod touch® and PreSonus’ free QMix™ app. QMix works a lot like SL Remote: One or more iPhones network wirelessly with a Mac® or PC, enabling QMix to remote-control Virtual StudioLive, which in turn controls one or more FireWire-connected StudioLive mixers. When each iPhone connects to the new network, its copy of QMix will discover all StudioLive mixers on the network. In this way, each musician can quickly and easily create an aux mix that includes all mixer channels. QMix lets the engineer set permissions so that each iPhone on the network only controls a specified mix.

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