“Pitchclip” wins Best in Show Honors at 2012 Winter NAMM

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“Pitchclip” wins Best in Show Honors at 2012 Winter NAMM

The Korg Pitchclip clip-on guitar tuner has been awarded a “Best in Show” honor during the annual panel presented on Day 4 of the NAMM convention. The panel was moderated by Music Inc. magazine’s Frank Alkyer and a select group of music products industry experts who cast their votes in four categories.

Korg Pitchclip

Pitchclip was honored in the “Best Accessory or Add-On” category, and was selected by Tim Pratt, co-owner of Dietze Music. Pratt commented that the clip-on tuners are inexpensive and come in a variety of colors. He also noted that customers might buy more than one Pitchclip to represent the colors of their favorite sports teams or just their favorite colors.

The Korg Pitchclip is a highly accurate, chromatic, clip-on tuner with a low-profile design and high-visibility display. Its reversible display allows it to be conveniently positioned either in front of or behind the guitar’s headstock.

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