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Native Kontrol Standard is now open for other developers to implement - it’s a pretty impressive initial list!

Current list of NKS partners

The following instrument developers are currently configuring their instruments to be NKS compatible. The first NKS instruments will be available when KOMPLETE KONTROL 1.5 is released.

• Arturia
• U-He
• Output Audio
• Soundiron
• Heavyocity
• Spitfire
• ProjectSAM
• Softube
• XILS Lab
• Waldorf
• e-Instruments
• Sonokinetic
• Evolution Series

The latest update introduces Native Kontrol Standard™ (NKS™) – a new plug-in format which unlocks KOMPLETE KONTROL so that third-party instruments can access the Light Guide, Smart Play features, and more – with all instrument parameters intelligently mapped.

VST support opens the gates to your entire software instrument library. And welcome KOMPLETE KONTROL S88 – a pro keyboard with fully weighted, hammer-action keys!

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