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How about them Eggs?

Here’s some feedback from some happy sE Munro Egg customers.
Why not try a pair out in your studio?  Contact us here to find out how.

IU Studios & Munro Eggs

“Hi all, we had the opportunity to have the Eggs in studio for the last week. Ran them through mixing, mastering & just plain listening tests. The Eggs had to go up against our B & W 805’s with a Lexicon CX - 5 power amplifier. Well to cut a long story short, I U Studios is now replacing the B & W’s with the Eggs. They are simply amazing. Nothing can compare with the depth & realism that the Eggs produce!”

Deon Janse van Vuuren - IU Studios

Wayne Ellis-Lee & Munro Eggs

“For years I have been obsessed with room dimensions, acoustic treatment, pure signal path, multiple audio interfaces… One can easily spend a lifetime on forums researching, debating, tweaking, testing and never really get much done!  A few years back when I purchased a set of Adams, it was such a giant leap forward from the previous set of monitors that I never again thought to question the monitors themselves and became obsessed with all the other variables…

After one day with the Eggs, I had the realization why I had been seeking answers all this time, I was never truly happy with my monitoring situation. After one week with the Eggs my entire work flow had changed, I was hearing things in the 40-50hz region I had never heard or felt before. They also arrived at the perfect time, right in the middle of a big project that needed careful cinematic sound design.

The Eggs have totally changed the way I create sounds & appreciate music. I am deeply in love with these curvy Egg shaped monitors and I feel their unique shape is surely one of the secrets that make them sound so delicious.

Thank you Andy Munro & SE Electronics for bringing these into existence!”

Wayne Ellis-Lee - Afterlife Studios

For more reviews and further information on the sE Munro Egg 150 monitoring system, please see:


Additional Information

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