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Housed within a sleek, ultra-modern interface, Trium is packed with features and options: this virtual analog synth has what it takes to become the centerpiece of your next production. Three multi-oscillators, additional sub, noise and ring oscillators, a great-sounding filter section and fully-fledged arp module mean that Trium goes far beyond what could normally be expected of an “included” synth. An integrated modulation page puts all the most important sound-shaping parameters at your command, which is very handy considering that there’s so much functionality to explore. And if you’re not feeling all that creative, let the included presets inspire you.


Auron introduces a brand new granular oscillator to HALion 5 and HALion Sonic 2, expanding the sound spectrum with 150 presets for floaty pads, intriguing textures and fascinating new timbres. Yet Auron also gives you the creative freedom to fritter away hours designing new soundscapes; the interface is easy to navigate, yet that simplicity belies the extent of the creative power available. With its arpeggiator module, Auron also lets you generate patterns and phrases from the granular synth signals. Auron is a one-stop sound generator module whose granular synthesis with the potential to add captivating new sounds to your productions.


Electrify your next production with this awesomely punchy VA synth, now included in HALion 5 and HALion Sonic 2. Inspired by the world-famous analog synthesizers from yesteryear, Voltage adds the sonic range and monstrous power of true vintage style bass and offers lead sounds that exude the character and warmth that has inspired several generations of electronic musicians and producers. Whether played in monophonic or polyphonic mode, Voltage’s two oscillators feature connectible pulse-width modulation and a broad selection of wave shapes to bring that VA feel to your sounds: you can almost hear those virtual circuits crackle…

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