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Emile Hoogenhout aka, behr, has offered up this amazing Ableton effects rack.

ResoDUB is an Ableton Live effects rack comprising of a resonator infused with a dub delay.
This audio effect has been especially mapped with the ability to dial in any chord in any key.
After a key and chord degree is selected, explore the independent delay time macros,
feedback loops, LFO filter sweeps, drowned in reverb or dry and brittle.

Create intricate poly-rhythmic chordal textures, both legato and staccato noted phrases.
While recording different chord progressions by just turning a macro knob.

Emile say’s he “Hopes to find you mesmerized by audio manipulation and sonic exploration.”
Thank you Emile!  This looks like a really fun tool.

Download link:

Emile is an excellent educator and the only Ableton Certified Trainer based in Gauteng.
For all those of you in looking to improve your Ableton skills, please contact him via his website below,
or contact us so we can put you in touch.

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