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You probably already know how easy it is to create a song on the iPad, so we are going to show you how easy it is to connect your guitar to the iPad.. using Jam by Apogee

Simply connect Jam to the dock port on your iPad using the provided cable. Plug in your guitar with a standard 1/4” guitar cable. Choose one of the many amps in GarageBand and begin recording.

JAM’s input gain knob allows you to adjust the level for any pick up configuration on any electric guitar, and the multi-colour status led lets you know if you have proper level or if it’s too hot.

Along with being easy to connect and use, JAM features studio quality sound. Using Apogee’s PureDIGITAL technology JAM makes a direct digital connection to your iPad and delivers your guitars true tone without compromise.

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Comments Audio Distributor

#1 | By Dick faul

Where can you buy it?


#2 | By admin

Hi Dick

Where are you based? Let us know so we an direct you to an Apogee stockist in your area.

Kind Regards


#3 | By Brett

Same question as above :-)
Located just around the corner from your Strydom Park shop.


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