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Synchronous - Free for Reason 7 users until June 30th 2014!

This offer is valid for all Reason 7 and Reason Essentials 2 owners.

Note: To use Synchronous, you need to install the Reason 7.1/Reason Essentials 2.1 update, a free update for Reason 7/Reason Essentials 2 users that contains numerous improvements, including support for a new generation of Rack Extensions.



Animate your pad, wobble your bass or glitch up your samples. Draw complex modulation waveforms with Synchronous’ drawing tools. Assign the waveforms to the built in effect units and enjoy an energy boost to your sound. The Synchronous Rack Extension for Reason is a modulation powerhouse that was created to add motion and spark to your music.

Use Synchronous to quickly call up straightforward effects such as tremolo or ducking, or use it to build complex modulation chains with several parallel modulation curves.

Additional Information

Synchronous Operation Manual > PDF English

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