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Freddy DeMarco of Korg USA demonstrates the loop capabilities of Korg’s SOS Sound On Sound Unlimited Track Recorder. For more information, please visit

Korg Links:

Like the video above? If you’re not a big fan of the printed manual that came with your Korg product, or want to delve into some of it’s hidden features…or simply want to learn it quickly, we’re sure that you’ll find these links quite interesting!


Korg You Tube ChannelThe best source for a quick overview - and you can subscribe, so that new video links are regularly emailed to you.  Watch out for Tuerk T.V.- we’re gearing up to offer you some local flava shortly!


Korg TV

Tune in to the Korg Media Player - There’s always something good on at Korg! Surf through the “Channels” to the left of the screen and enjoy a variety of entertaining clips.  Great in depth coverage of keyboard functions.


Karma Lab

Stephen Kay’s Karma Lab is the best resource on the web for KARMA™ (Kay Algorithmic Realtime Music Architecture) info.


Korg Pro Sessions

Warm-up tips and practice tricks presented by the artists themselves


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