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Presonus’s Rick Naqvi shows us a typical recording session in a studio using the StudioLive as an interface while sending headphone mixes to an entire band. Part 1/2

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#1 | By lucky

Hello! I am very much challenged by the live studio session clip. Do u have sound engineering and music courses?


#2 | By admin

Hi Lucky
We do have quite a bit of material on DVD and are hoping to get the Alan Parsons DVD’s in soon:
Where are you based?


#3 | By Cristinita

here..  Because of my DAW?s ltmeiid capabilities, I often need to record to two or more separate hard drivers and then pull the tracks together later. I’m just wondering what is the procedure you use when you do this later on.. i.e how do you make sure the tracks are lined up & in sync?


#4 | By admin

Hi Cristinita

As long as you bounce each track down as a continuous audio file, with all tracks starting at the same point at the beginning of the project i.e. the zero point marker, everything should line in sync when it comes time to consolidate all the tracks. 

There’s some good advice on this link: - make sure to read the section on “Broadcast .WAV’s”

Hope this helps
All the best


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